At FCLC opportunities to learn and use English do not end at the classroom door but continue in the cultural programme. A great variety of activities and excursions are organised in the afternoons, evenings and at weekends.

Each week, every class will visit a major attraction in Edinburgh on two afternoons with their teacher, such as the Castle or the Royal Museum of Scotland. In addition students are offered a choice of on campus project sessions from multimedia, photograph and film making, music and drama, science and techonology and art and design which allow the students to create something that can be enjoyed by everyone even after the activity has finished.

In the evening there are regular whole school activities such as capture the flag, the FCLC Talent Show and every Wednesday and Friday there are two very different types of dancing on offer.

On Wednesday there is a traditional Scottish Ceilidh and then on Friday, the modern Disco and Party night.

At the weekend all students go off campus on all-day excursions on both Saturday and Sunday to visit fun places of educational interest. One excursion will be in Edinburgh, exploring its many historical attractions such as Edinburgh Castle or Holyrood Palace etc and the other day will outwith Edinburgh to places such as Glasgow and St Andrews. This gives everyone an opportunity to see other towns and cities in Scotland and to also enjoy the beauty of the Scottish scenery. Please note that these destinations depend on the weekly theme and are subject to change.

On returning there are more activities organised on campus for the whole school such as Mr and Mrs Fettes and the Fashion Trashion show.