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Cultural programme

Our cultural programme includes a variety of sports, afternoon & evening activities and weekend trips out of Edinburgh. We believe that learning outside lessons is important, so our excursions give students the chance to develop their confidence in speaking English while visiting interesting places. A lot of planning goes into this part of the programme to ensure that it is highly linked with the academic programme.


Sports & activities afternoons

On Monday afternoons, students can choose from a variety of exciting team or group sports or activities, all held on our campus at Fettes College, which may include football, tennis, basketball, badminton, table tennis, rounders, dodge ball, dance, arts & crafts, drama and media activities. There are certainly plenty of opportunities to keep our students active in both body and mind.


House and small group activities

While large group and team activities are exciting and lots of fun, some students are more comfortable in small groups and sometimes need to relax.  Therefore, one or two evenings each week are set aside for activities in the boarding houses or small group activities, which may include board games, card games, movie nights, tennis or time to catch up on sleep or chat with friends.

The FCLC programme is very busy and demanding, so these times can be used to slow down and recharge.


Whole school events

Most evenings, all students come together to enjoy a large event on campus. These are great fun and are usually based on our weekly themes but are sometimes just old favourites.

These events may include Scottish evenings, themed discos, game shows, FCLC Highland Games, Mr and Ms Fettes, talent shows, International Evenings, ‘Capture the Flag’ and our Fettes College Ghost Tour.


Off campus

There are so many wonderful things to see and do in and around Edinburgh that it’s impossible to visit them all in a short visit. Therefore, we take our students on trips at weekends that are based on our weekly themes. Each weekend we usually visit a famous place like Glasgow, St Andrews or Stirling and a place that isn’t as well known, like Peebles, North Berwick, Culross, Bannockburn or Highland Games.

As our weekend trips are planned long before summer, and our academic and cultural programmes are so highly linked, unfortunately it is not possible to change the planned excursions for individual groups.

On Friday afternoons, after the graduation ceremony, our students have free time to go shopping or visit one of Edinburgh’s many attractions with their group leader or an activity leader.