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Welcome to Fettes Centre for Language & Culture (FCLC Edinburgh), a boutique English Language School at Fettes College, Edinburgh, Scotland. We are a forward thinking, dynamic school with an open mind on development and our mission is to enrich our students’ lives by enhancing their lifelong learning through a high quality, thought-provoking EFL programme that not only makes them more confident users of the language but also broadens their horizons and promotes kindness as well as instilling respect and acceptance of others.


FCLC Edinburgh

Established in 2006 and accredited by the British Council in our second year of operation, our programme is based at the beautiful and historic Fettes College and is specifically designed to give students the maximum opportunity to learn, develop and practise English in meaningful contexts. The combination of lessons, activities, arts and crafts, sports, projects, excursions and workshops helps students develop lifelong friendships within a safe and nurturing environment and means that they are never left to their own devices. We believe constant stimulation means constant learning.

Summer 2021

weeks & dates

Weeks & dates
Week 1
4 July to 10 July
Week 3
18 July to 24 July
Week 5
1 August to 7 August
Weeks & dates
Week 2
11 July to 17 July
Week 4
25 July to 31 July
Week 6
8 August to 14 August


Who's it for

Our intensive summer programme is designed for students aged 10 to 17.  Our academic programme is further divided into lessons for Young Learners aged 10 to 13 and for Young Students aged 14 to 17. The programme keeps our students active, safe and motivated at all times while offering as many learning opportunities as possible. We are an independent, one-site centre offering tuition, accommodation, meals and activities within our secure and stunning campus.

An amazing

place to learn a language

Fettes College is situated in 90 acres of private parkland just 15 minutes from Edinburgh’s world famous castle and city centre. There is so much to see and do in our amazing city that whenever possible, we share this with our students. We have it all, from museums to castles, shopping to palaces, botanical gardens to breathtaking views and that is all before the world’s largest international arts and culture festival begins in Edinburgh, just in time for week 6 of our programme.

Whether you arrive at Edinburgh International Airport or one of its two major train stations, you don’t have far to come before you are welcomed to Fettes College by our friendly team. We are just 25 minutes by coach from the airport and 15 minutes from each train station.

Fettes College

& Edinburgh

What an amazing place to learn. Within the expansive school grounds there is a wide range of excellent facilities including a drama theatre, music suite, art rooms, tennis and basketball courts, a large indoor multi-purpose sports hall and extensive playing fields for outdoor sports and activities

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set within one city centre location with full use of Fettes College’s state-of-the-art and traditional facilities, lessons, meals, accommodation and activities are all in one stunning place.


with evolving weekly themes that fuse the academic and cultural strands of our programme to push the boundaries of traditional EFL teaching and learning and promote humanistic values.


with residential staff and managers providing a professional, caring and supportive atmosphere f