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FCLC Edinburgh

Our values mean everything

At FCLC Edinburgh our core values are at the heart of everything we do. From the very first moment we speak with a client or parent we want to provide the best experience possible. Those values stand proud during the programme with our team of specifically chosen individuals on hand to ensure our students have an excellent, rewarding and fun stay.


To always...

Take on board the views of our students, group leaders and team in order to improve the service, products and facilities that we offer whilst developing our programme year on year.


To always...

Listen to every student and offer a safe, homely and nurturing environment for them during their stay. We strive to create a home from home.


To always...

Give our students the perfect platform to grow and feel comfortable in using the language that they have learnt.


To always...

Encourage our students to believe in themselves and work towards being the best student, person and friend that they can be for now and in the future.


To always...

Provide students, group leaders and our team the opportunity to develop life-long friendships and enjoy every moment of the programme.


To always...

Believe in what we stand for and enjoy what we do whilst allowing others to share our enthusiasm for everything FCLC.


To always...

Provide a challenging, progressive programme which gives our students opportunities to express themselves in meaningful ways.


To always...

Listen to our students by adapting various aspects of our programme so that every student maximises their time at FCLC Edinburgh.