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Your new

home from home

Looking after the students in our care is our number one priority. As proof of this, in our most recent British Council inspection (2016), we are proud to have been awarded seven areas of strength, including care of under 18s, quality assurance, care of students, premises and facilities, accommodation, staff management and leisure opportunities. By providing
 a carefully planned, well-organised and properly supervised programme, we do our utmost to promote our students’ safety and welfare at all times.


All on the Fettes Campus

Students stay in a mixture of traditional and modern boarding houses located within the grounds of Fettes College. Each house is comfortable, accommodating around 50 students plus staff who provide 24-hour supervision. Students stay in a mixture of single, twin, triple, quad and dorm style multi-bedded rooms. Bathroom, shower and toilet facilities are shared, on average the ratio is one to six. Each house has a common room for students to relax and socialise along with a computer suite.

We really

care about you

As individual students can feel especially vulnerable, each individual student is assigned to an activity leader who is responsible for ensuring the student is being integrated into the programme, making friends, taking care of themselves and enjoying their time with us. Our individual students are all accommodated together in one house so they can get to know each other more easily and we have an increased number of activity leaders in the house.

Dedicated Student Welfare Managers and residential staff are responsible for supervising students throughout the day, during all activities, excursions and at night in the boarding houses. Additionally, the General Manager has a 24-hour emergency contact number during the six-week summer school.


prepared by our own chefs

Meals are served in the bright, spacious dining hall and are prepared daily by our own in-house chefs. A good choice of hot food, fresh fruit and salad is served every day. Packed lunches are provided for students and group leaders whilst on our exciting weekend excursions. We even offer evening snacks before bed.


Tolerance & respect matters

It is our goal that every student on our programme feels valued, appreciated and included regardless of their gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any disability. As part of this, we seek to promote respect and tolerance and to teach critical thinking skills as courses abroad can be instrumental in helping young people see the world in a different light.


for all at FCLC

Staying connected with the rest of the world is an important factor in everyone’s lives these days. We recognise this and at FCLC free WiFi is available throughout the campus for all students, staff and group leaders. Student WiFi is limited to specific times so that when the lights go out at bed time, everyone goes to sleep! We also encourage students to communicate with each other by not allowing the use of mobile phones in the dining hall during meals times.