At FCLC Edinburgh we welcome direct individual student enrolments for students aged 11 to 17 years old.

In 2016 we were pleased to welcome direct individual student enrolments to FCLC Edinburgh from 21 different countries including Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Croatia, China, Spain, Romania, Austria, Argentina, Slovenia and Japan.

First impressions count – that is why we provide a complimentary personal transfer “meet and greet” service at Edinburgh airport for Individual students where each student will be met by a member of our team on arrival and will be taken back to the airport on departure.

On arrival at FCLC Edinburgh each student will be welcomed by a member of our Student Welfare team who will register each student and help them settle into their on-site accommodation and rooms. Throughout their stay our Student Welfare Managers and team will ensure that the students safety and welfare needs are met.

Having individual student enrolments and groups enrolments living, working, learning and having fun together is an excellent way for all our students to gain the most out of our highly integrated academic and cultural programme.

Our available dates for summer 2017 are (minimum 2 week course and maximum 3 weeks course)-

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For further information on Individual student enrolment, please contact Jenni Clark or Jay Buckham on [email protected] or +44 (0) 131 311 6971