Q. What are your course dates for summer 2017
A. Our Junior course runs from 2 July to 12 August

Q. Are we accredited by the British Council?
Yes, we have been fully accredited since our second year of operation (September 2008) and passed our 2nd Inspection in summer 2012

Q. Are all the staff working for FCLC, PVG checked prior to starting?
A. Yes, all staff are fully PVG checked (this has replaced Disclosure Scotland checks)

Q. What age ranges do your courses cater for?
We accept students aged 10 to 17 years old for group bookings and 11 to 17 years old as direct individual students enrolments

Q. Do we issue Visa letters to non EU students?
A. We do not issue Visa Letters but, providing the student has paid a deposit, we do issue a letter of enrolment to the student, agent or parent confirming that the student is expected to study at our school for a certain period of time. It is then up to the student, agent or parent to apply for a Student Visitors Visa at their local office


Q. Are our teaching staff qualified?
A. Yes, all our teaching staff are qualified

Q. What level of English do students need to have before attending our course?
A. Elementary to advanced (we do not offer courses for beginner or proficiency levels)

Q. What size are the classes?
A. The average class size is 12 students, maximum class size is 14 students

Q. Are the classes of mixed nationality?
A. We have a range of students attending FCLC from worldwide destinations and whilst classes are first and foremost based on level, every attempt is made to mix the nationalities as much as possible

Q. How are the students placed in their classes?
Prior to arrival, all the students take an Oxford Online Placement Test to establish their level of English. This allows us to place students in classes in advance. During the students first class, teachers asses their oral work to finalise their placement

Q. Once students have been placed in a class, is movement to another class possible?
If the teacher deems it appropriate to move a student, this is done mid-way through the week after consultation with the Academic Manager

Q. Are there formal exams at the end of the course?
A. No, due to the short term nature of our course, we cannot prepare students for externally validated examinations. Students are continually assessed on their work and given a report on leaving with details of their progress during the course. The student will also receive a Certificate of Studies during the graduation ceremony which is held on the last Friday prior to their departure

Q. How are the lessons taught?
A. Our academic and cultural programmes are highly integrated and the teaching day is devided into three sessions. Sessions one is focused on language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the four skills) In session two, classes participate in a project which utilises the language in learnt in session one. Session three prepares students for the afternoon and weekend cultural excursions.

Q. Do we follow a syllabus?
Every week has a weekly theme which is developed in lessons and re-inforced by our cultural programme.


Q. Do students have to take part in the activities programme?
Yes, all students take part in the cultural programme as part of the Summer School

Q. Can students choose which activities they take part in?
Students are able to choose their afternoon activities during the sign up sessions

Q. Do students get to choose what they do every day?
Not every day. Each week there is a different pre-booked excursion in Edinburgh that all students will attend with their class and teacher on one afternoon. On Saturday and Sunday there are pre-booked excursions in and out of Edinburgh which students will go on with their groups and group leaders as well as other groups of students

Q. Do the teachers take part in all the activities as well as morning classes?
The teachers take part in class visits to Edinburgh’s tourist attractions and assist in other afternoon activities along with an activity leader.

Q. If a student doesn’t like an activity is there anything for them to do?
While we do offer many different sports to students we also offer a wide range of other activities. On the campus we have music and drama, as well as photography and art. There are outdoor and indoor games and projects such as making a school newspaper or radio show. Off the campus in the city we offer more choices such as going on visits to museums and galleries as well as exploring some of Edinburgh’s highlights

Q. Will students be able to use the English they have learned in class on the activities?
Yes they will. The groups going on the activities are mixed nationalities and activity leaders will be speaking in English all of the time

Q. How big are the activity groups?
It depends on the activity. Some will have 15 or less students such as the art or photographic activities. Others will have larger numbers as in the outdoor team games or treasure hunts. In the evening there are often whole school events like our weekly disco, ceilidh, talent show and quiz night

Q. With all these activities is there any time to rest?
Yes, there will be quiet time and rest periods for reading, chatting and refreshments

Q. Does everyone go to bed and get up at the same time?
Yes they do. The programme at FCLC is very busy and full and students need to get some sleep. To make it fair bedtime is 10.30pm and wake up time is 8am for everyone


Q. Where will students be staying whilst studying at FCLC?
. All accommodation will be within the boarding houses on site at Fettes College.

Q. How many meals do students receive per day?
A. 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Evening snacks are also provided with a packed lunch available for the weekend excursions

Q. Do Boys and Girls share rooms?
A. Absolutely NO!. Boys and girls are split onto different floors within each house. There are also group leaders and Activity leaders on each floor for the Students safety and welfare

Q. Do we offer supervision in the boarding houses in the evening?
Yes, we have a staff ratio of 15 students to 1 staff member and our staff, along with the group leader/s from every group, are based along each corridor of every house. We also have an Activity Leader who is responsible for each house as well as two Student Welfare Managers who are overall in charge of the houses during the night.